Wednesday, May 19, 2004


The parent of Philip Morris, Kraft Foods and other companies plans to run ads in BusinessWeek magazine over the summer and fall featuring responses by the Democratic and Republican parties and their presidential campaigns to questions about positions on various issues.

Altria Group, formerly Philip Morris Cos., told the Federal Election Commission it believes the ads do not fall under a ban on corporate contributions and spending in federal elections but asked the FEC for its opinion. The commission is expected to rule within the next month.

The corporation donated $2.2 million to national Republican Party committees during the 2001-02 election cycle, the last time parties could accept ``soft money,'' corporate, union or unlimited contributions. It was the third most generous donor to the GOP.

Granny is speechless!

I reject their "impartiality"...all cognizant human beings should recognize that poison pushers DO NOT PERFORM PUBLIC SERVICE!

For the record, nothing that company produces ever crosses my threshold, let alone my lips.



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