Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Fractured Sitcoms

Granny has been picturing herself to be the entire cast of The Beverly Hillbillies lately. She imagines The Bush administration to be some weird kind of duplicated Gilligan's Isle.

George is little buddy
Carl is the skipper
Dick is the skipper
Delay is the skipper
Ashcramp is the skipper
Grover is the skipper
Rummy is the skipper
Kennyboy is the skipper
Wolfie is mr. howe
Condie is mr. howe
Tony is their very own pet Jap.
Pat robersbane and rep Moon ate mr. and mr. howe but they both think that they are the skipper

The professor, Ginger, and Mary Ann made a tasty little snack. A small group of underpaid extras are scheduled to be drowned in the lagoon in retaliation.

Colin is has been relegated to the role of butwipe because the Constitution is worn a little too thin to keep performing that task.


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