Monday, January 02, 2006

Why Doesn't He Call Them?

I was stunned and amazed to learn that our brilliant President knows Al Quaeda's phone numbers. Matthew Yglesias wrote of logic and AudioAquatic ventures a hypothesis so compelling I will simply post it in it's entirety and urge you to read the rest of the discussion on your own.

One clear implication is that the FISA court could not be trusted to automatically support these extra-super-secret activities, which were consequently legitimized by preemptive executive mandate. Thus we have the curious scenario wherein the secret FISA court is itself perceived to pose a security risk, having been found guilty of potential future crimes against the administration. Maintaining secrecy with regards to the FISA court then becomes as imperative as pursuing the originally proposed target of those activities, al-Qaida communications. One may safely assume that al-Qaida partisans of any salt already suspect themselves to be under surveillance ; therefore the party compromised by the leak is the Bush administration itself, in its evasion of the FISA court, the only other party in that secretive loop.

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