Monday, January 02, 2006

Russert Suckfest

granny is catching Meet The Press a day late as usual. Timmy and his table of journalists are sitting around the table creating fables about Bush's rising popularity, his most beautiful beloved benevolence and bravery taking a mid sized time out to righteously congratulate themselves for single handedly keeping America secure by withholding information from the citizens of America.

It was a veritable love fest with just a hint of Democrat bashing, excuse making (everybody does it, nobody knew). There was an awkward moment when Doris Kearns almost voiced an dissenting opinion about Congressionable participation in government, but it was quickly overcome with another round of self glorification for having such a wonderful delightful and heavenly President and some stern admonishments of the "Hard Lefts".

I was most impressed with Newsweek's Managing Editor Jon Meacham, a phenomenal man who knows George Bush's most intimate thoughts, feelings, desires and intentions. He exudes heart bubbles when he speaks of George Bush's most intimate thoughts, feelings, desires and intentions; Laura could call him for marital advice.

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