Saturday, December 04, 2004

Sexuality Shopping

Hey kids, remember the day you sat down to decide what your sexual life and desires would be? You don't? Well then you are not alone, even the good Rev Fallwell can't remember when he decided whether to be hetero or homo.

I love this. Catching Jerry Falwell unable to defend a basic proposition that he and his millions of followers believe. Just to bring home the point, let's put the a few statements next to each other, statements made within a minute of each other:

FALWELL: I think all behavior is chosen.


MATTHEWS: Did you choose to be heterosexual?



MATTHEWS: And you had to decide between boys and girls. And you chose girls.

FALWELL: I never had to decide. I never thought about it.

Game, set, match.

Jennifer thinks it is pretty funny too. I think that I forgot to make a concious decision about my sexuality because I was probably trying to decide what to have for lunch.

That reminds me...


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