Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mars, Snitches

Somebody's talking.

We're beyond leaks and flash flooding; we are in a monsoonal avalanche of old and new relevations and corroberations. It's comming down hard, fast and documented.

It seems highly improbable that three million bloggers and readers could have put this together in the midst of our species most violent misinformation campaign without the help of the dudes who have been snatching up the lifeboats and personal floatation devices the and therats who clutch their clues in their swimmfor survival.

Fear rushes on
like oil in a hurricane
engulfing the coasts
bringing fire and pouring rain.

Another man overboard
selling sacrifice
for his spiteful overlord

For all his wrath, Father Moon could not possess the Son.

With all due regards to the Eschatonians

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