Sunday, December 04, 2005

Mark On the Beasts

This has also been called the plan to show the terrorists where all our food is at.

NAIS ia National Animal Identification System. All livestock would have to be identified at birth or hatching with a permanent tag supplied by the government. The animal would be tracked from birth to death. If the animal came down with any disease that could be transfered to man, such as mad cow disease or avian influenza, the animal would be traced back to the birth place. I would like to know what-if any good would come out of this! An animal that gets a disease did not necessarily have the disease at birth and it looks like the government wants to blame the breeder for the disease. I would like to add that all properties having animals, whether just for pets or actual breeders would be identifed, GPS coordinates would be obtained, and all the animals would be given the tags to show their origin.

Mad cow can take up to thirty years to incubate so you could eat an infected burger today and expect your death to coincide with the Bush Administration's timeline to help the citizens of New Orleans get into temporary housing.

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