Monday, December 27, 2004

Roemer's role in the 9-11 cover up

There is a lot of talk about why we can't afford to let Tim Roemer fill the DNC chair. I don't think that I could back a party that would strip everyone of their free will while they chisel our financial security away either. I could be a Libertarian or a green, but never a Republican lite.

Blogswarm mentioned Roemer's position on the 9-11 commission was the only feather in his cap. I was a fan for a while myself until I thought about it.


*Nobody from the Hart Rudman commission was questioned.

*Sibel Edmonds was not Questioned

*Nobody was questioned about the PNAC's desire for "A new Pearl Harbor" despite the fact they had the means, motive and opportunity to act criminally to achieve their goals.

*Condi Baby was given a sweetheart deal where all she had to do was run out the clock and wasn't even cornered when she lied while they knew she was lying to them.

*Dick and George were also given a fixed amount of time they had to get through.

*They were allowed to "visit" together with a limited number of hand picked investigaters to keep their stories straight.

*They were not under oath at any time.

*Recordings and transcripts were not allowed so nobody really knows what was asked or answered there.

The Commission was supposed to find out why every single line of defence in this country could systematically fail on the same day.

The Commission was supposed to perform a full diagnostic analysis of what went wrong so that we could prevent it from happenning again.

They failed. They needed to learn the truth but they failed because they played too nice and they bowed to power. They failed. We still don't have the truth and our system is still broken.

We needed an honest assessment of our own weaknesses to make ourselves strong. What we got instead was a whitewash to usher in even more draconian infringements on our personhoods and the groundwork for a National I.D. Card. Our weakness are still there but are freedoms are wasting away.

I ask you now, What part of rolling on his back and submissively wetting himself qualifies him to be the leader of the opposition party?


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