Friday, October 01, 2004


The boy king just can't make it on his own. He complained about the hard work hard work hardwork and nobody even asked him why he spends 20%-42% of his time on vacation!

The tone of his voice was so pleading at times that he might as well been saying "baby I do love you, she didn't mean anything to me, we'll never do it again, it wasn't that good anyway pleeeze believe me."

Then there was the stammering and blank frozen look followed by the inevitable "I'm right and you better believe it because I said so!" The strain of not being allowed to stomp his little feet was visibly painful.

Delusional damn little dictator anyway, always trying to convince us that God wants us to kill innocents and go shopping. The teevee keeps saying that it didn't change anybody's mind but they wouldn't tell us if it did because they just want to hang on to their undemocratic concentrated monopoly.

It will be so wonderful to have a president who is smarter and harder working than me for a change.

President Kerry. Doesn't that sound nice? Balanced budgets, decency, integrity, intelligent and thoughtfullness back in the white house.

Safer at home, more respected in the world.


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