Thursday, June 10, 2004

Regan break

Life is just all Regan all the time. Conservatives now believe that government should exist for only three reasons. War, imprisoning the poor and naming everything everywhere Regan.

Regan break.

I really can't explain why the population can expand so much while the voter rolls shrink, something to do with a "legal purge" of 90,000 or about ten per cent of the population. I also can't explain why so many people were shuffled from one polling site to the next.

I can tell you that I didn't say anything to the scary people trying to garner enough petition signatures to get a gays can't be married in Montana constitutional ammendment on the November ballot. I didn't stare too long either, but Damn if she didn't look scared when he left the table.

...Regan money. Regan on Rushmore...

How ironic that his mourners want to bestow every honor to him except the one that would give his family the most comfort and satisfaction.


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