Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I saw a blip on NBC Nightly news where they said that NBC, CBS, and ABC spent 122 minutes of air time on the Abu Ghirab prisoner abuse story last week; was that too much? Gee whiz how many minutes did they spend reliving the Dean Scream?

How could rape, torture, murder, and having sex with little boys possibly be that important? I am pretty sure that the final episode of friends got more "news" coverage than that. At least we have our priorities straight. Surely this is not as important as saaay... Lacy Peterson, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson's sex with little boys, or even who Jlo might be dating today.

It is more than uncomfortable to ask ourselves how or why our children ended up in a situation where hooding, posing, demeaning, and dehumanizing other human beings who are surely loved by God and by their families; it is downright trivial. Go back to your reality show, whip out your credit card and buy something-anything-do it now!

If we have truly come to the place where our questions about the war, about 9-11, about our environment, our economy and our priorities threaten to demoralize the troops and destabilize our country then we are in a sad place indeed.

If we believe that we are above it all,that we are smarter, better, faster than everyone else on the planet; why are we so FEARFUL of looking at ourselves?



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