Thursday, May 13, 2004


I get so tired of the media and of our elected representatives reducing each and every issue to charges of partisan politics. So this was very refreshing to see.

“Hastert was frustrated and disappointed that he had not been dealt with openly and
fairly and given accurate information. He was not so much speaking to the conference
as he was speaking for the conference.”

Remember how this feels, and how counterproductive this is to producing good policy, then act accordingly when the Democrats are in the same boat. PLEASE!

We are not your enemy, we just have different priorities than you do. As much as I would like to have a truly progressive government, the end product of HONEST and vigorous debate is always something that works and is durable.

Our lives, our future and our legacy are all at stake here. So just straighten up and fly right-ALL OF YOU. Take some pride in your work; this is not a game of cribbage and you are not there to win at any cost

Unless you wish to be remembered (assuming there is anyone on the planet who can remember) as the crew that demolished our democracy, our prosperity, our hopes for a better future.


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