Sunday, February 26, 2006

Montana Censored

Last week Touchstone noticed that a Civil liberties' group was barred from showing film in Montana State library.

Complaints made it too controversial. I could not find an email address to express my complaint about this censorship.

Then Touchstone wrote about a Kelly Wood (what would Kelly wood do?)expressed her first ammendment rights at the Bozeman Chronicle telling everybody that Brokeback Mountain is "Agenda Driven Marketing".

I don't like her opinion one bit, but she has the right to express it.

So I'm having this conversation with a friend and she tells me that Brokeback Mountain was showing at the Whitefish Theater, that it was pulled down after a single day because of complaints.

I don't have any verification that that is what happened. My world gets pretty small sometimes. One week I might speak with three people who only spoke to a hand full of people themselves and the next week I might speak with a couple of hundred people. That's the way the tides and grannyinsanity go from one day to the next.

Update, I got my grubs on the letter:

Oh, come on xxxxxx. You could choose not to take your children to "Brokeback Mountain" (Saturday forum, Feb.18). Viewing the film was not "forced" on you. It was merely made available to any of the public who chose to attend.

And thank goodness it was, so for at least it's brief (two week) showing there was a choice of something besides child, teen, and "light" family offerings. The film, the director, and an actor may recieve an academy award. Are we in Northwestern Montana to be left out of mainstream accolades because you are "disgusted"?

Well, wake up xxxxxx. There are homosexuals in America, even in Whitefish. The strength of the film the story of regular folks smitten by nothing more harmful than love.

Families are not the only people living in Whitefish and attending films. Give others a break: many were thrilled that "Brokeback Mountain" came to Whitefish. I am one who wants some "true grit" real life drama, some independent and wishfully some foreign films.

At least we got "Brokeback Mountain".-xxxxxxx

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