Sunday, February 26, 2006


I have a lot to say about what MC Hammer said in his blog but exhaustion and an occular migraine won't let me so I'll exerpt

Anyone can funk and go to war, we all got soldiers but it takes real men to make peace. Peace may not sell these squares' magazines but it can save a community and bring prosperity to our people.

Hey MC, drop in anytime. Say hi if you want, I'm huge on Hall and Oates and Patty LaBelle and The Commodores myself. The kids listen to an awful lot of hip hop and rap so I know some of that, too.

I am curious about why this lovely young woman thinks that she would stand on the Republican side of the aisle because she's a Christian?

If I knew how to say it without being antagonistic, I would tell her that the Republican party does not own God no matter what they think. granny is a Christian but I'm too darn cantankerous to convert or converse with most anybody so I would suggest that she took a likkle time to meet Jeanne and Melanie or stop over at the Street Prophets or at Robert Jeffers place so that she could see that we are not all Joe Biden and the whiny nasal guy on this side of the aisle.

I would say a lot more, but my eyes are giving out and I have chores to do.

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