Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Daily Interlake

My local paper is the worst, except for The Bozeman Chronicle, really. I have been saving an editorial where the editor made the strongest insinuation that John Kerry and John Murtha are cowards because, well, they expressed opinions contrary to that of George Bush. I'm going to fire this old keyboard off on him one of these days if I can manage to keep my blood pressure from skyrocketing, I swear I will if I could remain calm about it.

In the meantime, this one's for you, Frank Meile.

..."That, furthermore, while they behaved openly and recklessly as sociopaths and psychopaths we treated them on our TV shows and in our editorial pages and even in our supposed news stories as if they were all great statesmen acting always in the Nation's best interests with no thought for the main chance for themselves.

"And that, even as we neglected our duty to our readers and viewers to tell them the truth, ..."

Lance is a heck of a nice guy, if I had my way, they would all be standing trial for their complicity in war crimes.

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