Sunday, February 26, 2006

Freedom's Just Another Word For


lockdown day after day after day after day in an endless civil war

The good news is that, yes there is good news is that

Mr Dulaimi called for calm and said reports had exaggerated the death toll, which he put at 119 since the bloodless bombing of the Golden Mosque in Samarra at dawn on Wednesday. Baghdad police say over 200 have been killed in and around the city.


Carbombings add spark to random and mass killings

BAGHDAD - A series of bombings, including a car bomb attack in the Shiite holy city of Karabala, and shootings across Iraq Saturday have killed at least 24 people and left dozens wounded, officials said.

Rebels attempted to keep sectarian tensions burning in Iraq on Saturday when they blew up a car bomb on a busy shopping street in Karbala killing five people and wounding 52.

The sectarian-fueled bloodshed raged on Saturday as 12 farm labourers were found shot dead in an orchard in the confessionally mixed province of Diyala Saturday

Then there are the kidnappings, the asassinations, the raids.

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