Saturday, April 02, 2005

Jose Padilla --Day 1066

Still no trial, charges, or representation. The Bush Administration is still in open defiance of multiple court orders to rectify the sitiation to the law as it is, not a they wish it would be.

We still don't know if a mad scientist has grafted pig organ onto his body, if he has had his limbs amputated, or if he is even still alive at all. Maybe they keep him in the basement to pleasure Laura and the girls when Daddy can't get it up?

The Bush Administration's self serving disregard for the laws of our country just keeps bleeding through the layers of disinformation, distraction and propoganda but they do not care because the conservative christians who chose them are too fear based to question their leaders and demand better from the government that represents them.

Where does all this fear of questions and answers bring us?

For starters it shames us with even more unjustified detentions and gross human rights abuses.

You don't believe me?

Ask yourselves why we have yet another American citizen held as an enemy combatant. This man does not have a name, but he resides in one of three permanent American prisons in Iraq.

I know the government sez that he whatever blah blah blah, but they also said that they KNEW Saddam had massive stockpiles of WMD's that he was preparing to use on Americans and they said they KNEW where they were.

By now, even the snails in my garden know they lied about all that stuff. Sentient being realize they have lied about everything else as well. Another American soldier has thrown his life to the cause of the PNAC profit machine bringing the official number to 1535.

When will the men and women who hide behind the name of Jesus Christ stand up and put an end to this misery?


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