Thursday, March 10, 2005

Is There A Concerted Attack On Schweitzer?

It is really starting to look like it. I've been looking at all the negative press some Republicans have been throwing out there and trying to get it into a single post, but it has taken longer than I expected.

Maybe tomorrow.

The most ridiculous anti-Schweitzer claim so far? There was a woman on the news who may or may not have been a Republican who was complaining that Governor Schweitzer's public statement scared off all the tourists.

All I could think about was the people who didn't want to lose the tourists by telling them there was a tsunami on the way. Then I started to wonder if she had any clue who the President of the United States is.

If she knew who the President is, she would know that all requests must be made publicly so that he can't bury them in a heap of inaction like he did with the 52 warnings he recieved about Osama Bin Laden's plans to attack Americans with airplanes.

52 warnings in the ten weeks proceeding 9/11 were buried in a heap of inaction and anybody who wonders why Brian Schweitzer would make that request so publicly really needs to read a newspaper once in a while.


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