Tuesday, March 08, 2005

1036 Days

That's the number on the Jose Padilla Watch. Mike Whitney reports that last weeks ruling that the government must charge Palilla was the third of that nature.

As expected, the Bush Administration appealed to the Supreme court, and the Court refused to hear the case. As expected, the Bush Administration is still in defiance of the law.

In light of the 100-150 people who have been rendered to foreign countries for "interrogation", The Bush Administration should show proof that Jose Padilla is still alive.

In light of the gross human rights abuses at Baghram's, Guatanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and who knows what where else, The Bush Administration must prove to the American public that Jose Padilla is in decent health.

Maybe you don't think it is any of your concern, but Mike whitney explains why you should care.

The court is not being asked to quibble over inconsequential aspects of the law. They are being asked, point blank, whether or not American citizens have ANY rights at all. It's just that simple.

Padilla has been deprived of ALL of his rights, not merely a few. So, we must ask ourselves: Are US citizens entitled to any (definite) legal protections or are these protections simply granted at the President's discretion? And, if our personal freedom is dependent on the subjective whims of the President, then why talk about "inalienable" rights?

Why, indeed?

There's nothing haphazard in the way that the Padilla case has developed. In fact, there are various organizations that operate openly within the country that are determined to change the fundamental principles of American justice. With Padilla these groups have won a major victory and struck a mortal blow at the very heart of our system. As long as Padilla sits in prison, deprived of all his constitutional rights, there are no guarantees of personal liberty in America.

(emphasis mine)


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