Sunday, October 10, 2004


"These folks are getting settled and deserve some time on the job."

What does the American public deserve?

Porter Goss is doing his darndest to staff the intelligence with inexperienced partisans and petty thieves. Dick, Donnie and George are very pleased.

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity were railing against politicization of intelligence and the the Iraq war long before the first bombs on Baghdad. They were angry that the "money changers were let into the temple". Dick Cheney made eleven "unprecidented" trips to their headquarters to persuade them to give him the intelligence he wanted and ignore the stuff that didn't fit into his worldview. Now they are trying to defend themselves and trying to defend America by comming out with the honest truth about a few things Americans deserve to know before we are plunged into the chasm of unending war that Bush/Cheney so desire.

When our entire government has been transformed into a Bush/Cheney election committee some people are angry that the CIA won't do that.

Why should an agency that was manipulated and ignored before 9/11 and manipulated and coerced before the Iraq war be politicized now?



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