Thursday, October 07, 2004


I was really looking forward to watching the debate this week, but Denny had more important things to do...was it flag burning or the pledge of allegiance last week-this congress is always taking on flag burning or the pledge of allegiance so they must think those are the most important things ever. Next week they will probably legislate that all citizens must wear their high school letters on their left sleeve or some other nonsense.

This week he has to vote on legalizing torture. That's right LEGALIZING TORTURE. Okay, I saw him on teevee the other day bragging about creating a twelveth circuit court for Montana, Idaho, Nevada... I was immmediately suspicious of the move. Is it divide and conquer? What could Denny and Grover be thinking, is this all a part of their plan to take the public property away from the public? Nah.

The Senate passed their part of the Homeland Security or whatever bill they call it this week, I am positive that Conrad and Max both voted for it. I don't know if the torture provisions are included in the Senate version, but the Republican House leaders are absolutely adamant about leaving the torture provisions in their bill. What will Denny vote? Don't be silly, Denny and Grover are practically joined at the pelvis; he will dutifully work to ruin America any way he can because that's what Grover wants .

Anyway I was going to talk about Denny and Tracy. Denny is not really into representing Montana or looking out for America's health and well being, but he just treats his challenger with scorn:

This morning, I awoke to find that at some time between May and yesterday, Mr. Rehberg decided I was right on the issue of waiving the federal match for CHIP money for children's health insurance. That might have been OK if they hadn't ridiculed me back in May. Here is the press release I sent to the papers. Holding Mr. Rehberg accountable has certainly been a challenge this campaign But we will continue with our strong message that Montana needs new leadership in Congress. If you could help the campaign by donating your time or money, it will really help us to get out that message in the media. You can do it online, or by calling our office at 406-522-7510. Thanks again to all my steadfast supporters

Now I am confused, I was reading lasr week about how the Bush administration wants to turn that unused money over to faith based services. Just what we need, Reverend Sun Yung Moon and Pat Robertson praying those little godless heathens into health. Or not.

Do you think that I am Joking? Our most political televangelist and the Messiah himself have already elbowed their way to the front of the welfare line.


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