Thursday, October 07, 2004


Cheney says it's justified. Whiner agrees.

Come on, you remember all those teevee spots that said

"There is no doubt that Saddam employs a corrupt bureaucrat."

"We don't want our first clue to be a smoking bureaucrat."

"We will not allow an eeevil dictator to hire bureaucrats of mass corruption."


The threat was so dire that congress begged him to take their authority to declare war from him and rushed off to change the cafeteria menu.

Patriots everywhere rallied behind our selected president because we knew the dangers of allowing a corrupt politician to remain in power. So what if we have lost 1067 troops (so far) and 90% of our forces are tied down there for the forseeable future. Iraq is free!

Saddam Hussein's Iraq was a place that people got their hands chopped off, our Iraq is where they get their heads chopped off. Saddam Hussein ran torture chambers, there were mass graves. Private contractors run torture chambers with new and improved features. Now they get dogpiled naked with pictures to send home. Now we have mass graves and dogs eating corpses in the street.

Freedom, it's untidy


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