Friday, October 08, 2004


I was going to debunk some of the most ridiculous aspects of George's debate answers, but the lies and static were comming so fast that I just couldn't do it.

Then I noticed that he was getting very loud and his tone went up almost to the point of cracking. I recognize that tone was just like someone who is doing everything he can not to physically ream the person they are yelling at, as if more volume would make him more right.

Bush got it wrong and Kerry got it right.

The stem cell question almost sounde like it was from a republican plant. Bush sounded fine, I wanted to believe him so bad. Then he talked about not destroying many people has he put to death? How many women die globally every year due to his policies? What about warmongering? War kills a lot of innocent people. a lot of innocent people.

Abortion...too much to say now.

George flat out lied, denied and about the question of making mistakes. George then started hurling accusations and talking points. Kerry kicked but.

Kerry kicked but

George is still living in fantasy land telling us how great of a job he has done.

Kerry kicked butt again.



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