Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Michael C. Ruppert raised quite a few feathers in town last night. Some people even left the building when he said that Bush, Cheney, Rice, Ashcroft et al were guilty of murder. One young man was overheard saying that he had already voted for Bush, that he believed that you were innocent until proven guilty.

What about Jose Padilla and those thousands of other people we've kept imprisoned for a very long time without charges, trial, or even representation?

I think that a lot of it is all the God talk and the Rupert Murdoch Propoganda Machine.

The Bible says that you shall know them by their fruits. Everywhere George Bush goes chaos and strife break out. Poverty is up, abortion rates and teen pregnancy numbers are up. Murder numbers are up, so is unemployment. The National debt is way up.

Friends, neighbors and families have turned against each other in a way that I would have once thought impossible. Iraq and the United States are both on the verge of a civil war. We are reaping the poisonous fruits of his bitter seeds.

Another Flathead Valley Citizen has an interesting take on the issue. Harry Blazer, a person I never heard of before, was concerned enough about the direction our country is going in to bring Michael Ruppert to speak here, and he also bought a full page ad in The Daily Interlake to point out that the George has no clothes on.

The ad was run on page A13 on Tuesday, October 13, 2004. The text portion is reprinted without permission below. Thank-You Harry.

President Bush
Prays Often

President Bush prays a lot. He admits that he regularly seeks and
recieves guidance from God. In fact, daily!

This rapport with God is the source of his confidence and
conviction and why he is at peace with the decisions he has made
during his presidency.

When asked on a number of occasions recently during the
televised debates and other appearances if he could name any
mistakes that he has made during his presidency, George Bush
was never able to articulate any of significance. That makes sense
since, from his perspective, God is guiding him. His decisions are
the result of God's guidance.

As we all know, God is all seeing, all knowing and omnipresent.
He does not make mistakes.

Well then, how is it that God didn't warn Bush that the
intelligence on Iraq was inaccurate, that Hussein
wasn't trying to buy "yellowcake" (enriched Uranium) from
Nigeria and that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in
Iraq-and therefore the "smoking gun" was never going to be a
mushroom cloud? Why didn't God tell President Bush
not to use any of those claims as justification for the
invasion ofIraq, since they were not true and accurate?

Could it be because those voices George Bush hears in his head
are not God's?


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