Tuesday, October 19, 2004

when you have the debate on its merits, a draft does seem like a real possibility.

Especially when they are returning soldiers in casts to duty, deploying thousands over the age of 50, and have resorted to eating our seed corn.

We aren't even going to mention the extended deployments and involuntary call ups.


Tonights Nightline reported on the unit that refused the suicide mission to deliver unusable fuel.

Pentagon says "no big deal, soldiers refuse direct orders all the time."

Military head says "it's the worst thing they could have done."

Ted asked "what if they were being sent to certain death?"

Military head said "they could talk."

"If they were ordered to go anyway?"

"They have to go anyway."

I just luv this crew, sending our kids off to certain death and dismemberment for no reason whatsoever.


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