Thursday, October 21, 2004


All that hyped up frippery. Take a breath, it's not about you, although a "good" mother who really believed in this war would do anything humanly possible to put her son on the Frontline in Iraq.

He could be a hero, but she's holding him back.

Joe Lockhart didn't want to talk about her parenting skills so he called the whole thing a distraction. Mary Matlin looked good for a change, but she got Karen's speedy speech.

Karen must get fast when she's covering up and calm [although harsh] when she's pulling it out of her rubber butt. Mary covers up calmly but feints like Wiley Coyote does every time he lunges over the cliff.

The Bush campaing reeks of desperation, but they sure can't run on their record, can they?

Oh wow! Bob Brown was just on teevee saying that we could take the water out and treat it and get it back down in the ground and not listen to people who think the risk is too great. He wants to try the cyanide on it. Marc Raicot just did a campaign commercial for him


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