Thursday, October 21, 2004

Supreme Court Standoff

I had a feeling the first time I heard her campaign commercial about "not legislating from the bench" that she wasn't being a straight shooter. She promised only to interpret the law according to the Constitution free of any party affiliations.

I am extremely uncomfortable when people make cryptic half-statements. When she finally explained the charge she was referring to, the author of that law (can't remember what it was-way too much foam in the atmosphere these days) and a couple of U.M. professors had to publicly call her out on it.

Teevee showed a clip of her debate with Jim Nelson (who appears to have impeccable character and integrity), she dropped another cryptic remark that just sends shudders down my spine. It was almost a warning that we would soon be seeing a constitutional ammendment overturned because it violated our constitution.

HMMM, would it be the cyanide mining ban?


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