Wednesday, October 06, 2004


How much does he lie?
Let me attempt to count the ways...

Kerry and Edwards did not vote against funding the troops.
They certainly did not vote against the president's bill to win the anti war crowd.

What they voted against was the president's method of funding it.

They wanted it to be paid for up front with a combination of loans to Iraq and rolling back some of the more radical tax cuts.

They thought that they could pay their share.
George Bush could pay his share.
Bill Clinton could pay his share.
George W. Bush could pay his share.
George Soros could pay his share.
Tom Delay could pay his share.
Condi Rice could pay her share.
Donald Rumsfeld could pay his share.
Oprah Winfrey could pay her share.
Bill Gates could pay his share.
And so on...

But noooo, the president threatened to veto that one.
So he got his way as usual.

Who will get to pay for it?
The kids who are already making their sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan
And their children
And my children
And all of our grandchildren
Maybe even our parents and our grandparents
And the disabled.

He mentioned the energy bill but didn't admit that the republican led congress refused to pass it three times before the big blackout because Alaskan drilling (which is only estimated to give us six months worth of energy in ten years time!)wasn't part of it.

Of course he met John Edwards before
There are pictures all over the net of them together in 2001.

He said that the pharma handout saves seniors money-Not True.

He said that Bush's economic policy created jobs-Where is the proof?

His straight daughter said that John Kerry'seconomic policies are "tired and old" when Reganomics were a proven failure decades ago.

He did so say that Saddam was involved in 9-11
Chris Matthews even showed clips of meet the press.

He derides Kerr's remark about the "global test" without mentioning that it is the same idea expressed by Thomas Jefferson.

He scorns John Kerry's record even though he was tracking terrorist funding in the 1980's. John Kerry always has been and always will be an effective leader.

He said that his way is the only real way to fight the "war on terror".
terra war is more like it.

He doesn't tell you that they took the office with the gravest warnings of the threat.

He doesn't tell you that Gary Hart and Warren Rudman turned in their third report detailing the actions needed to secure America from the threat on February 15, 2001.

He doesn't tell you that President Bush "ABOLISHED" the counterterrorism post three weeks later.

He doesn't tell you that on may 08, 2001 George W. Bush halted all congressional action by turning the task over to Dick Cheney himself!

He didn't admit that it was his job to shore up our defences!

He doesn't tell you about all those warnings from the FBI, the CIA, and the warnings of a "spectacular attack" they recieved from MULTIPLE countries that weren't quite ignored; John Ashcroft began travelling on chartered jets on July 24, 2001.

He didn't admit that he continued not doing his job right up until the planes hit the walls.

He also never brings up the mention of "a new Pearl Harbor" in the policy paper he signed off on along with numerous other administration officials a full year before 9/11.

Dick Cheney Liar and losing track of them all.



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