Friday, November 03, 2006

Electric Blues

Gordon tipped me off to this LA Times article about the Democratic prospects in Montana and it's all true.

I agree with Mayor Pam Kennedy's statement to the crowd of about 500 at yesterday's Rally for Change that she had never seen the Democrats as visible as they are this year. Never in my lifetime have I heard Democrats on the radio, seen them on the television, in the newspapers, found their literature in my mailbox and at my door.

This has never happened here in my lifetime and it is electrifying.

Sure, the Dick Cheney was here with Crooked Burns and Didn't Earn His Wealth Rehberg on Wednesday, the day before our no account President stood with them to deliver a blistering fourty minute lie-and-whineathon in Billings, but they don't have any ideas or credibility left and their agenda is morally bankrupt. I conceed that the baby on the mailer I recieved from Marilyn Musgraveis really cute, but the future the Republican party has chosen for that baby and all our children is bleak and lifeless indeed. Yes the Chamber of Commerce had our newspapers delivered in plastic bags endorsing Burns, but they are the optimum size to fill with lots of dog shit and the NFIB took out full page ads for Crooked Burns but they don't give a damn about small businesses and their employees either.

I know about those so called non partisan front groups and their hidden agendas, their phoney push polls and who knows what else.

What I do know is that Max Baucus or Governor Schweitzer mentioned that George Bush was here to save his own hide now, and contrasted it with his last visit to try privatizing Social Security.

What I really want to share with everybody today is about the time I stopped watching Jon speak, I turned around to see the audiennce, many of them older and blue collar workers I hadn't seen anywhere before, the look of rapt attention like small children watching magic for the first time took my breath away. The GOP can't compete with that.

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