Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Federal Government Opposing Montana's Clean Water

The Energy Department wants us to believe that the energy companies are charitable institutions that cannot possibly take any action whatsoever to mitigate the environmental damages they cause because they will immediately go bankrupt and we will freeze to death in our homes and have to manually push our SUV's to the beauty parlor and back.

Big Bad Brian Schweitzer is engaging in wild speculation that water loaded with salinity and sodium can damage soil, crops and wildlife. Doesn't Brian Schweitzer Know or care that all farmers and ranchers are sneaky villans who steal agribusinesses God given profits and spread their evil propoganda earning a living just because they go out in sub zero temperatures to pull lambs and calves out of animal vaginas or drive their broken down tractors around in circles from dawn to dusk all summer long.

Montanan's don't want or need clean water, they can buy those little bottles of tapwater while they wait for Halliburton to clean it up for us.

I'm sure it is just a coincidence that the DOE wants to eliminate the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board, but if dirty water is good enough for our troops, it should be good for us as well.

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