Saturday, April 08, 2006

Auntie M Checks In (not family friendly)

No, I don't think that is her, but she sent this pic so I know that she is still kicking around somewhere.

Auntie M is not the only one to send me good stuff. I get lots more, like this one from Danny

Do you like bewitching Schoolgirls doing captivating bloowjob?
Have you ever seen grand Hussy
get fuccked in every holes?

No Danny, I'm not interested, but Rhea Matthews has found a new religion

Son fuckinng heavenly Mom!

Call me an unimaginative prude, but I prefer religions that are at least a decade old.

Earnest wants me to

mail inspiire for Peniis

My new friends are an ecclectic bunch, some want to give me a good deal Cialis and others want to turn me onto software, rICHARD CLAIMS THAT i COULD SAVE UP TO 90%!

John is holding my love hostage

Want your love back?? Check it out!

I feel so guilty because I didn't know my love wasn't here. I'm sure it wouldn't have disappeared if I had listened to EIBHLIN

Server for direct send over email-lists

- Provide email-list in your need and send
over your newsletter for you.

We believe we could help you.

Thomas has

All products for your health!

But Henry

We cure any desease!

I am confused because they both use Cialis, Levitra and Viagra, I must learn their secret formulas, but first I need money to shower them with my gratitude.

I am in luck because George Jenkings can get me into a really good poker game

Promotion 100% sign up bonus up to $2,000

Maybe I should visit with Philip Aldrich first because he knows

how Howard L Moreland makes millions automatically!

He has to be telling me the truth, read this letter he sent me

Hi ,
It's not often that I am surprised by something I see
online. And it's even more rare that I stumble upon a
book or resource that causes me to literally stop what
I am doing and write a letter to everyone I know.

But I just discovered that Howard L Moreland --
probably one of the best-known and most well-respected
experts on the subject of web-building and Internet
marketing -- has just released all the details & secret
source tools that allow him to make as much as $500,000
a year from a single website -- "automatically" -- and
how he's able to create such sites starting from
scratch, and all within just a few short hours!

I am sorry to go now, I have many more friends to respond to.


I will share the rest of my letter with you only if you deposit all of your worldy tin foil into the

Non Exsistent National Bank of Kitsy Kitsy Goo

Please attach a hand written description of the man who imprisoned your uncle and tied his million up in phoney spam stocks.

It is hard work, hard work to be so popular.



Ralph says that Viagra + Cialis with a 10% discount = Prozac

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