Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Government Of, For, And By Enron

Why do people keep taking it?

I completely forgot that we have restored honor and integrity to the White House. Remind me not to look at the three DHS officials indicted for child pornography and the DOD official who has had child pornography charges against him dropped although the investigation continues.

Remind me not to think about Bernard Kerik's ties to organized crime or of the hundreds of billions of dollars that have gone AWOL during the Iraq war.

I really try not to think about the Secretive process involved with Dick Cheney's production of his notoriously counterproductive energy policy or the thousands of other times that the Bush Administration's stated goals were 180 degrees away from the results we were stuck with.

I try to forget, I really do.

Then it all comes rushing back with nauseating force when I find something like this:

Federal agency accused of aiding Enron

The PUD says the proposed federal settlement favors Enron and could cost its ratepayers millions of dollars.

Enron overcharged PUD ratepayers about $40 million through market-manipulation schemes, the PUD says in a case before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

In addition, Enron wants the PUD to pay $120 million for canceling its long-term contracts with Enron in 2001.

But the energy commission's proposed settlement would provide only about $2.3 million to a group that includes the Snohomish PUD, the Port of Seattle, Tacoma Power and Seattle City Light.

The settlement also could leave the PUD liable in the cancellation-fees dispute and seal off potentially incriminating Enron e-mails and tape recordings that could be used against the company, the PUD says.

"FERC is capitulating to Enron here," PUD attorney Eric Christensen said Friday. Christensen was in Washington, D.C., this past week negotiating with the commission's attorneys.

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