Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Every Picture Tells A Story Don't It

Zencomix sketched it out firedoglake fills it in and grannyinsanity wonders what bargain basement opportunities these guys were looking for (of course I had to look at the English page to see what it was).

I want you to know that I love my state enough to love on poverty wages decade after decade. I do not recall ever thinking that we had too much open space or wishing that somebody would buy it all up so that I couldn't go there anymore.

It has occurred to me that Dick Cheney would one day claim the Lower Falls for his very own, but a foreign government? Even grannyinsanity could not be that paranoid without reason.

Meanwhile the Dead American Soldier count has climbed to 2296
. What can I do today other than leave you with this quote that I wholeheartedly agree

I've been thinking about this, and you know, I just don't love the president as much as a citizen of his country should love his president. I don't think that's my fault

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