Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Six men and three women parked their rears in the White House to sell America on the idea to kill thousands of people to redistribute the wealth of two nations to a very select few pockets.

  • Karl Rove: then Senior Advisor to the President; now Deputy White House Chief of Staff in charge of policy.
  • Andrew Card: White House Chief of Staff
  • Condoleezza Rice: then National Security Advisor; now Secretary of State
  • Mary Matalin: political strategist and consultant; formerly an advisor to the President
  • Karen Hughes: then counselor to the President; now Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy
  • Stephen Hadley: then Deputy National Security Advisor; now National Security Advisor
  • Lewis (Scooter) Libby: then Chief of Staff and assistant for National Security Affairs to Dick Cheney; now resigned; founding member of Project for a New American Century
  • James R. Wilkinson: Deputy National Security Advisor for Communication
  • Nicholas E. Calio: Senior Vice-President for Global Government Affairs at Citigroup

Do we let them get away with it?

This conspiracy is a lot bigger than these nine hoodlums who cooked up this scheme, there is the story about Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham hiring an inexperienced, unqualified man by the name of Thomas Ryder to override the opinion of qualified government physicists about the metal tubes, giving Mr Ryder an unprecidentedly large bonus before quietly shifting him out of the department.

There is Colnel Sam Gardiner's research that lists fifty false news stories that were planted in the news during the run up to the war, and Preemptive Karma'a Carla pulled quotes from Scott Ritter, Joe Wilson, Stansfield Turner, Paul O'Niel, Richard Clarke and Bob Woodward way back in the days we typed ourselves into exhaustion documenting everything we could find about the Downing Street Memos in a desperate attempt to have an informed national debate about this war and how we were duped into it.

Are we going to let them get away with this?

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