Saturday, October 29, 2005


Avedon sifts through the Gore in 2008 discussions and concludes that "It could work, if we all follow Paul Wellstone's dictum: Work hard."

I agree, and just for fun want to direct you to these comments at the Ostoy Report for discussion if you wish.

n states beyond Ohio. Only if the voting public KNOWS the vote was incorrectly recorded andThe only way the democratic party can win is to get an overwhelming majority of the votes in a majority of states. Republicans own the voting machines and have corrupted the Boards of Election i counted will the the republican machine not prevail. In my mind, opposition to this war from day 1 is the most important qualification for a candidate. Intelligent foreign diplomacy is the second. Gore fits. He may have lacked the imagination to understand the ramifications of his naive trust in American jurisprudence in '99, but he caught on and sees this cabal for what they are. The Progressive Caucus and the Black Caucus should be the pool for the VP choice. Symbols with substance can help reclaim our national integrity.

I find that idea very appealing and the next one is rather intriguing although you might already know that I like having Schweitzer for our governor and personally want him to stay in Helena for another seven years before he goes onto whatever he wants to do next.

Gore-Dean, if the Dems need known names.
Gore-Schwietzer, if Dean is a little risky.
Schwietzer-Richardson, if the Dems feel like a gamble.
Time will tell. I think Daschle is a terrible idea.
He's like a flaccid weaner.
Gore just needed a little Zest, which he has slowly acquired, growing a beard and starting a progressive tv station.
I still like Dean myself. I don't even care about his "scream." He's not corporate owned, and he can stand on his own two feet, something Democrats seem incapable of most of the time.

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