Friday, October 28, 2005

Hat Crime In Missoula

There was some discussion about whether or not the recent beatings of two young men in Missoula met the criteria of a hate crime and nobody has asked for my opinion so I will tell you what my opinion is.

I would be very comfortable arguing the position that the beating of homosexuals, gays, queers, fags, queens or whatever could very well signal to anybody who is a homosexual, gay, queer, fag, queen or whatever that they could be next so they should be very fearful. Fortunately I did not jump the gun and make a public fool of myself before all the facts were out because it did not happen.

Those young men were not beaten because they were homosexuals, gays, queers, fags, queens or whatever; they were beaten for wearing the wrong color hat and glasses. Okay then.

No problem. No problem unless you don't know if it is safe to wear jet black, tangerine, fire engine red, indigo blue, sage green, lemon chiffon, purple or whatever.

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