Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Do Not Renew Patriot Act!


The House of Representatives is expected to vote tomorrow on a
bill to renew the USA PATRIOT Act. A Senate vote is
expected before the week it out. Now is the time to call
your senator and representatives and say "No!" to PATRIOT

The final conference process for PATRIOT reauthorization has
gone very badly for those attempting to reform the bill.
Growing concerns in the House, and key compromises agreed in
the Senate have all been ignored. Indeed, the draft bill
obtained by EFF actually makes some PATRIOT powers worse:

* "National Security Letters", which the Washington Post
reveals have been used to spy on tens of thousands of
ordinary Americans, have been strengthened. New criminal
penalties have been added for NSL recipients who try to speak
about their experience.

* The draft bill jettisons the four-year time limits on
several PATRIOT powers,replacing them with longer, seven-year
"sunset" clauses. All other PATRIOT powers that were set to
expire this year will be renewed without any time limit.

* Some politicians, confident that no one would dare vote
against PATRIOT, have added their own irrelevant amendments:
piggybacking other unpopular reforms onto this terrible bill.

This bill flouts the growing concern in Congress with the
documented abuses of the prior version of the Patriot Act and
the flawed process of PATRIOT reauthorization. They're growing
restless on Capitol Hill: one more call could be enough to
start a rebellion in both Houses.

Time is short: sources say the PATRIOT vote will be rushed
through in the next few days. Please call your representative
and senators now. Ask them vote "no" on the PATRIOT
reauthorization act.

Please visit our Action Center at the link below. It will
give you the phone numbers to call, and suggestions on what
to tell your elected official.

Learn more about the bill, and its new problems, see:

Thanks for your help and determination,

The EFF Activism Team.

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