Thursday, November 10, 2005

Civics Lesson

I would have to admit that it is luck rather than skill that propels me through this life I have. Really. For instance, yesterday I woke up as usual to George Ostrum's stringy old sarcasm reading off the local police blotter and news on KOFI radio. If there is a single man on this planet who is more perfect and infallible than dear leader George Bush, it would be George Ostrum.

I might not have understood that standing up against the military occupation of your own country was a bad thing if I had not heard the word Democrats spoken with the contempt that is usually reserved for vermin during an infestation as if that was all the explanation necessary for Brian Schweitzer to speak out like this at the Western Governor's

"I'm going to stand up among a bunch of elected governors and say, 'Are we going to allow the military without a shot being fired to effectively do an end-run coup on civilian government?' " said Mr. Schweitzer, a Democrat. "We're going to have a little civics lesson for some leaders who are apparently out of touch in the military."
I wanted to thank my governor for sticking up for the Constitution and for the people of this state but I was distracted and forgot. Fortunately I was lucky enough to get on over to Factesque where eRobin had this great post with link upon link of Mick's very well reasoned articles that walk us through all the events during Katrina.

As Robin said, this is comming to a disaster near you. I don't know if my hair will ever lay flat again.

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