Monday, November 07, 2005

The Seventh Son Or Daughter

Who was the seventh son or daughter to depart the American Armed Services by dying in Iraq today?

Who was the first

or third

or fifth?

Seven died yesterday. Out of the 2056 dead sons and daughters Montana has given ten.

  1. Captain Michael J. Mackinnon (Helena) 27-Oct-2005
  2. Private 1st Class Andrew D. Bedard (Missoula) 04-Oct-2005
  3. Sergeant Travis M. Arndt (Bozeman) 21-Sep-2005
  4. Lance Corporal Nicholas William B. Bloem (Belgrade_ 03-Aug-2005
  5. Sergeant 1st Class Robbie D.McNary (Lewistown) 31-Mar-2005
  6. Corporal Raleigh C. Smith (Troy) 23-Dec-2004
  7. Staff SergeantAaron N. Holleyman (Glasgow) 30-Aug-2004
  8. Corporal Dean P. Pratt (Stevensville)Aug-02-2004
  9. Private 1st Class Owen D. Witt (Sand Springs) 24-May-2004
  10. 1st Lieutenant Edward M. Saltz (Bigfor)k 22-Dec-2003

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