Monday, February 28, 2005

No Special Treatment

The White House denies giving their uncredentialed gay porn payboy any special treatment but nobody thought to ask them why the play toy was given access a full month before Talon News Service even existed.

ABC News could consider asking Maureen Dowd and the Editor of World Net Daily if they have any reason to disagree with the White House's statement about the boy toy. They could ask some credentialed writers why they were denied press passes while an unemployed ploy toy was given full access.

The conglomerate media really should assess the whole story, but it is easier to simply repeat what The White House tells them and continue to make snide remarks about John Stewart and the Onion winning the journalism awards again. That's the power of consolidation, always being able to do what is easy instead of what is right.

I forgot to tell you what hobby the coy ploy took up when he was fronted by one of the President's rich and very convenient friend Bernie Eberle...plagarism. Maybe he wasn't hired for his writing skills after all?


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