Thursday, February 24, 2005

Max Baucus Picture In USA Today

Dems not sold on Bush plan, despite courting

I would strongly advise any Senator or Congressperson regardless of their party not to get involved with this scam. Every story they tell crumbles and turns to dust under the slightest scrutiny.

They need a Democrat, and this is the lengths they have gone to so far:

• The president has barnstormed through eight states, including five whose Democratic senators he and his chief political adviser, Karl Rove, consider ripe for the picking.

• The president has met with Senate and House Democrats to discuss Social Security 10 times since he was inaugurated five weeks ago.

• Top administration officials are calling Democratic senators continually. Among the lobbyists: Treasury Secretary John Snow; Allan Hubbard, Bush's new chief economic adviser; and budget director Joshua Bolten.

• The Republican National Committee is booking dozens of advocates on local talk-radio shows, driving supporters to congressional town hall meetings and circulating petitions in every state.

• The White House is coordinating with allied outside groups that plan to spend millions of dollars in advertising and outreach to support the plan. Lobbyists from the Alliance for Worker Retirement Security, a business coalition, have visited seven moderate Democratic senators or their staffs this month.

The people who want this want it bad and they are sliming and rolling on anyone and everyone who gets in their way. Republicans, Democrats, the AARP. It does not matter who you are or what you do; they are determined to have their way.

Did you know they are going after the AARP, and this is the toned down version?

It's all comming out of a tiny little office, ironically one that does fundraisers and advocacy for The Republican Governor's Association. The very same Republican Governors Association that spent so much money running malicious television ads against Brian Schweitzer last fall?

They are both shameless and brazen, they've got their dirty little fingers in everybody's pies!

What thinking person wouldn't steer as far around that as possible?


Blogger Riggsveda said...

Part of me says, "AARP asked for it, after the shitty way they jumped on the Medicare/BigPharma gravy train."

But part of me just feels bad, and regardless of who you blame, the poor, the elderly, the disabled, and the juvenile survivors are the ones who will be drawn and quartered in the public square for the sin of being weak and voiceless.

I don't know how the conservatives and fundamentalists can keep up their pretense of hating Darwin when their philosophy so embraces his ideas.

8:07 PM  

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