Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I'm One Sick Puppy

I've spent the last few days on mostly conservative sites, not the stupid hateful ones, just the ones where we may or may not have different opinions if so much of what they base their opinions wasn't cranked up in right wing think tanks. It is reassuring that they really are a lot more like us than the right wing instigators would have us believe.

I suspected it all along, the conservatives I know here really are hard working people who love their families and serve their communities just like we do. They are just too busy to spend their lives obsessing about the latest Rove Bomb and daily distraction.

Not me though. I am thoroughly and utterly obsesed with the idea that we could reclaim our country if we could get around the people who divide and conquer us for their own corporate payola.

So I took a break to see what the other Montana folks are talking about and what their friends are talking about and what the people they link to are talking about...

I found this, so we can maybe keep track of some of our local Iraqis. Sure I expect them to put the very best face on things so their friends and families won't worry so much, but don't we all do that to some extent?

I should have called it quits then or at least stopped to write the post where I thank everybody for SJ 19 through the committee with a 12-0 vote and a step closer to the full Senate. That would have been the reasonable thing to do but...

Damn internets. You go one place and then another and another until you find something so sickening and vile that you don't even go unless you are as deranged as I am. I laughed until I cried.


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