Sunday, December 05, 2004


Oh this one is bad! The usual suspect , Robert Byrd has got the education field up in arms.

Education groups worry that the provision could be the opening wedge in a campaign by Washington to influence what schools teach.


The legislation took education officials in the capital by surprise. While they did not contest the importance of teaching the Constitution, many expressed concern that Congress was overstepping its authority.

Teaching about the constitution part of a single day every year! Requiring federal agency heads to include information about the Constitution in every new federal employee's orientation!

Damn liberal senators pushing this stuff, doesn't he know that we only like the congress and the courts to get into endless battles about the Pledge of Allegiance and flag burning?

I wish that someone would take a schoolboard to court to do away with the pledge completely. Why do we need to brainwash our kids anyway? I would rather have them understand the values we stand on for all time.



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