Monday, November 01, 2004


Set aside the partisan issues. Vote for the Republic.

George cranks out another bitching essay that says what defines what this election is really all about.

"The Bush Administration has systematically sought to secure unlimited power in this nation. The kind of unlimited power that is good for one thing: the destruction of the Republic.

This election is not about gay marriage, it is not about taxation, it is not about health care, it is not about social security. It is about the power of dissent, it is about American freedom, it is about the individual liberty of each and every American, it is about the Republic.

Benjamin Franklin once told us that we were given "a Republic, if you can keep it." "

We've been lied to, cheated, and betrayed by our very own government. Osama Bin Laden was just a tool to get their way. It is high time that we show them who is really the boss around here.



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