Tuesday, November 02, 2004


CBS is trying to force Kerry to conceed. The damn votes haven't even been counted yet. This is not over yet. There has been a tremendous amount of voter disenfranchisement going on, the machines are whacked, and the weapons companies have some wierd connection to the whole fiasco.

I can wait ten or fifteen days to find out who wins. Wait it out, litigate it to the end.

Oh great, Tavis Smiley (the token black man) is going on about John Kerry not inspiring the blacks, and that George Bush will win over the latino voters by appointing one to the Supreme Court. If that aint affirmative action I don't know what is.

Josh Marshall warned us that this would happen, now Mr. Terwilliger is saying that the people don't want this election to be decided by litigation.

That is how it was decided last time, and that is how we got to this point in this one.

The Republican's are pissed and spinning their lies like it was silk. Pay attention, this is the way it was planned to go down.

I am sick of hearing that Bush's support is all about the "moral" issues. Is gay marriage really worse than torture, war crimes and inept management? Is it more important than free speech, the right of due process, and opportunity?

One man and a bunch of his corporate friends, two elections that have been tampered with, two chaotic and contested elections. Coincidence?

I think not.


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