Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Imagine my surprise when they covered the nasty campaign ads that are comming out of the Governor's race this year. The Republican Governor's Association has been running a smear campaign for weeks without media comment. Yesterday the Democrats broke even with an ad that accused Bob Brown of passing legislation favorable to Columbia Falls Aluminum Company and then becomming a lobbyist for them.

I don't have a clue if it was balance or bias, but KAJ 8/18 led with the story yesterday. Reporter Jill Valley said that the Schweitzer campaign claimed that the Republican Governors ad was false, and that the Brown campaign said that the president of the Columbia Falls Aluminum Company said that Brown didn't do anything wrong.

How is that for hard hitting journalism at "The News Station"? He said and he said. How difficult could it be for "The News Station" to find out if Schweitzer really has filed his financials or if Bob Brown passed legislation favorable to Columbia Falls Aluminum Company then became a lobbyist for them?

Lazy journalism in my very own backyard, thanks Kaj Teevee.


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