Friday, October 15, 2004



True Majority was kind enough to put this list together, and I am greatful because it is really hard for us Montana Progressives to hook up and get our hardworking voices represented.

The email reads:

Join Others in MT to Help Get Out the Vote

With all the talk in the media about swing states, you'd think the rest of the country doesn't really matter. But no matter where you live, there's a lot you can do to help make sure our democracy stays strong. Whether it's calling potential voters or helping monitor the polls on Election Day, there is plenty for all of us to do.

We've checked around and at the end of this email are the things going on in MT that we think will have a big impact. If you want to make a difference on Election Day, these folks have ways you can help. Check them out. Remember, if you can travel, there are opportunities in many states across the country, listed here:, and make sure you vote before you go!

Thanks for pitching in,

Darcy Scott Martin

Here is what is going on:

# Montana Women Vote, a coalition of nine organizations sharing a common goal of educating and mobilizing low-income women, many of whom have never voted, to participate in the democratic process, would like volunteers to help with GOTV efforts, 127 N Higgins Suite 307, Missoula, (406) 543-3550,, Terry Kendrick
# Indian People’s Action Indian Vote Project includes voter identification, education, registration, and GOTV work. Some of the activities that the Indian Vote Project will have include: holding events (5 Indian Taco Feeds held simultaneously on the weekend before election day, house parties, etc.), doorknocking. Staff will also conducting small training sessions on the new HAVA laws. GOTV activities include phone banking, rides to the polls, and poll watching, 208 East Main Missoula, 406-728-5297
# Northern Plains Tribal Voter Education Project, Rural Ethnic Institute/Carol Juneau, 406-338-5689, efforts to increase Native American turnout by 10 percent regionally through personal contact

Remember to vote for Tracy Velasquez!


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