Friday, October 15, 2004

FREEWAYBLOGGER kicks butt! KRUGMAN turns up the heat.

Kevin points out that " They knew the truth But they went ahead and told their lies anyway."

I am still waiting for the news shows recast of George denying that he said he wasn't that concerned about Bin Laden and the interview that shows him saying exactly that.

Meanwhile maybe someone would explain why any country that would involuntary confine (in lockdown, no less) an entire Brigade a month before they ship out to Iraq, AND ARRESTS AN ENTIRE PLATOON FOR REFUSING A SUICIDE MISSION while they are in Iraq would even hesitate to draft it's children into conscription?

Did Junior have a stroke? His mouth is hanging pretty low. It would explan his wildly erratic mood swings too.

Guidance counselors in Wisconsin are ramping up to help their students document their beliefs, ethics and morals about war. Who knew that the Selective Service doesn't recognize the conscientious objector status?


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