Thursday, October 14, 2004

SWIFTBOATS ON NIGHTLINE ...O'Neal caught in a lie

I don't know what they are getting at yet, but They have a crew in Viet Nam. John O'Neil is on, but there hasn't been any mention of his hounding John Kerry during the Nixon administration.


Nightline has affirmed that John Kerry really did earn his silver star! The man he killed was not a wounded teenager in a loincloth but a big strong man.

John O'Neil is talking really fast (but not as fast as Karen Hughes-it did not seem like I was watching a badly translated foreign film) and not answering a single question. O'Neil is blabbering on about how he is a more credible witness than the peasants who lived closeby including the man's widow. He accused the peasants of playing politics.

If only he could see how incredibly stupid he looks.

Now he is snivelling that he needs Ted to give him some more free air time. What a farce.

John O'Neil is a bitter pathetic hack with a vendetta; he needs to get a life and get over it. Loser. Whiner. The next time he gets on teevee there better be a clip of him and Kerry on the Dick Cavett show.


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