Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Tracy Velasquez

I 've still got Obama chills, but we have our very own pull it up and work hard for your dreams candidate, her name is Tracy Velasquez.

This is what she has to say about gun ownership, the Patriot Act, and media consolidation:

"...our other freedoms are under as strong an attack -- if not stronger -- than our right to bear arms. There isn't a lobby with the money and power of the NRA out there protecting freedom of the press and freedom of speech. When you look at the Patriot Act, not only is it an assault on our right to bear arms, but it also potentially stifles the ability of people to feel they can openly criticize their government, which is as vital to freedom as the right to bear arms. And the consolidation of the media means that most people -- not those who are out there on the internet every day looking for independent news, but the folks who watch it on TV or read it in the papers -- get their information from huge corporate conglomerates. I don't feel confident that a station that's owned by GE, say, is going to aggressively cover news stories that reflect badly on the parent company."

Tracy is also opposed to the agricultural consolidation, or "outsourcing Carharts" that is well underway now. Think about it for a minute. Do we really want all of our food to be produced by a few megacorporations?

If you think that Mad cow disease is scary, 60% of the processed food sold in this country contains genetically modified organisms(GMOs) although it is not labeled (or required to be). Not only have GMO's not been proven safe, there is pressure to overlook studies that show they are unsafe.

This is a sleeper issue that will end up affecting nost all of us. Wouldn't it be nice to have a hard working progressive thinker representing our interests for a change?

I only wish that she would read George Lakoff's "Moral Politics"


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